Camin de batrani Alexia - Camin ingrijire batrani, Azil de batrani - Pitesti, jud. Arges
"Alexia" Care Home
offers great service with qualified staff, generous indoor and outdoor space in a picturesque location.
The maximum load of our Nursing Home is 40 residents, in 2 to 5 persons bedrooms.
"Alexia" Care Home comes to support people with:
●  Alzheimer   ●  dementia   ●  Parkinson disease   ●  post-stroke sequelae (paresis)   ●  degenerative rheumatic diseases   ●  post-traumatic and post-operative conditions   ●  diseases that generate and mentain motor deficit   ●  disability   ●  immobilised in bed   ●  diapers and urine catheters carriers   ●  requiring hospice care   ●  alone, or those can not take care of themselves
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